Relish One CEO talks up lifestyle, concierge services, says they can boost tourism, FDI

Concierge Services are still budding in Nigeria despite their increasing popularity among businesses and individuals alike globally. In the United States, small business and start-ups are taking advantage of these companies’ services which normally encompass assistance in hotels, apartments, and office buildings for personal services, making arrangements, assisting with acquiring business services, housekeeping, and maintenance […]

The Gabonese journalist who built a multi-million dollar media relations Company

Franco-Gabonese entrepreneur Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard is the founder of the APO Group, a  leading media consulting firm and press release distribution service in Africa and the Middle East. The company, which Pompigne-Mognard founded in 2007, employs close to 80 employees across its offices in Switzerland, Dubai, Senegal and Hong Kong, and has an annual turnover of  […]

Africa needs market-creating innovation approach to deal with poverty

At the renowned Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation in the United States, is Nigerian born EFOSA OJOMO, a research fellow whose work focuses on using disruptive innovation theory to fundamentally change the discourse in the global development community, thus enabling nations to engender their own path to long-term growth and prosperity. He was in […]

Oil and gas players need to understand how renewables will affect their industry, because it’s time for clean energy

A whole new industry has emerged from the conversation happening around sustainable energy. This industry is clean energy technology, but Nigeria is still fighting the inevitable as it continues to focus more on the oil and gas industry, while the world looks ahead to the future, a future towards clean energy. STANLEY IJEOMA, chief executive […]

• Bringing key professionals with technical expertise and cultural adaptation adds profitable value to organisations – Oyelade, director, Transquisite Consultancy

One of the major issues often talked about in relation to the human resources available in the Nigerian economy is the quality of manpower, especially the lack of or the deficiency in skills that are available. JENNIFER OYELADE is the director of Transquisite Consultancy, a UK based human resources consultancy firm, who, in this interview […]

Nigerian airline business buffeted by multiple taxes, foreign exchange scarcity

Nigeria’s beleaguered aviation industry continues to teeter along, stumbling, falling and getting up, but still stumbling. From airport facilities to airlines management, everywhere you turn in the aviation industry there is an issue to deal with. FOLARIN ADESENOWO, the chief executive officer of Maple Group, a one-stop shop for all issues pertaining to the travel […]