Nigeria’s a weak player in global commodities play, but investment bankers can drive growth by creating viable financial instruments

Commodities trading is huge globally. For many years, Nigeria has been trying to create more organised and formalised commodities trading platforms for soft, wet and hard commodities, with emphasis on agricultural commodities. Such a system offers tremendious opportunities for individuals, groups and the economy. Last Thursday in Lagos, at the monthly business a.m./GTI Finance & […]

Hubmart’s part of 70% modern retail growth in Nigeria

Consolidates in 3-years, enters growth phase Targets 175 stores, 20 in Lagos, medium-long term Omole, Lagos store set to launch   Three years ago, last December, the Nigerian retail space was suddenly lit up by the bright orange colours of a new outlet by the name, Hubmart. From afar, and looking at the artistic presentation […]