• Bringing key professionals with technical expertise and cultural adaptation adds profitable value to organisations – Oyelade, director, Transquisite Consultancy

One of the major issues often talked about in relation to the human resources available in the Nigerian economy is the quality of manpower, especially the lack of or the deficiency in skills that are available. JENNIFER OYELADE is the director of Transquisite Consultancy, a UK based human resources consultancy firm, who, in this interview […]

Nigerian airline business buffeted by multiple taxes, foreign exchange scarcity

Nigeria’s beleaguered aviation industry continues to teeter along, stumbling, falling and getting up, but still stumbling. From airport facilities to airlines management, everywhere you turn in the aviation industry there is an issue to deal with. FOLARIN ADESENOWO, the chief executive officer of Maple Group, a one-stop shop for all issues pertaining to the travel […]

Open banking’s next wave: Perspectives from three fintech CEOs

The CEOs of Ping Identity, Plaid, and Tink share their views on the prospects for open banking and the pressing need for players to develop a data and customer strategy.   The notion of open  banking has been central to financial services dialogue for many months, fueled in part by the buildup to the EU’s […]

Farmers in Suit is institutionalising agric financing

Agric finance

Apart from infrastructural challenge, lack of financing is the next critical bane that continues to worry Nigeria’s rural farmers. However, Usman Lawan,  a subscriber of the modern school of thought that financing can stem from redistribution of wealth from haves but unskilled or occupied to the haves-not but skilled is set to fill that vacuum. […]