Accountability approach to the Nigerian data protection regulation

The notion of accountability in the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation places unencumbered pressures on data protection experts, various data privacy stakeholders, and even data protection authorities. On one level, it encompasses the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation’s principles and helps organisations display how their processes and business procedures align with the data protection regulation locally and […]

Microfinance Bank License: Steps to obtain CBN approval

It seems to me that the recapitalisation fever for microfinance banks is gradually reaching a crescendo following the extension of the April 2020 deadline to meet half of the new minimum capital to April 2021 and going by the nature of calls I have received during this period. The question that ranked most during the […]

Some considerations of deletion in privacy compliance

Deletion is a notable piece of privacy compliance strategy and most organisations struggle to tackle it. Tackling this particular task means companies must ask themselves the right questions. What kind of data can we delete? Do we have the right to delete such data? Does the data subject know that data will be deleted? What […]

Defining MfB customer post-pandemic?

With the outbreak of Covid 19, everything has changed and in an attempt to prevent further spread, there have been several protocols for individuals, families and organisations. Currently, there is the prevention strategy of social distancing, constant washing of hands to maintain a high level of hygiene, the use of face mask and a stay […]