Data and information governance in Nigerian healthcare system

Healthcare organisations can’t work without instilling and building patients’ trust. When patients pass their information to healthcare organisations, they want to know their information will be protected and managed appropriately. Yet, many Nigerian healthcare companies fail to build this trust. The only way to build confidence and trust in the Nigerian healthcare system is to […]

Access Bank and Unity Bank alleged data breach: A lesson to Nigerian institutions

An interesting development occurred in Nigeria last week. A self-acclaimed Access Bank hacker, one Ihebuzo Chris, posted a video on Twitter where he spoke about the bank’s security vulnerabilities and flipped through pages of A-4 paper containing what he said was the bank’s customers’ sensitive personal information. In a similar vein, a Unity Bank’s hacker […]

The right to data portability in Nigeria data protection regualtion

The right to data portability as stipulated in the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) raises two essential facets. Data subjects have the right to have their data transferred directly from one controller to another and data subject can ask for the transfer of data for the use of other tasks for the performance of functions […]

Thoughts on international transfers

There are many questions raised about the international transfers of data.  Stakeholders ask two main questions.   How a company can ensure that recipient of this data is compliant with data protection laws and more specifically how does one ensure that the supplier or vendor will follow the stipulated data protection framework of the data […]

Can data protection be breached in schools?

There is this misconception held by most school owners and stakeholders in Nigeria about data protection. They often think that data protection doesn’t apply to them. Yet, the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation(NDPR) makes it clear that any organisation that manages data must pay attention to their data protection programs. In this week’s piece, I will […]