GRC, cybersecurity intersection for curbing cybercrimes menace (2)

Identification theft, fraudulent online transfers, payment-card frauds, network assaults, denial-of-service attacks by malicious networks of computers (botnets), ransomware, cyberbullying, trolling and online child pornography are  all common forms of Cybercrimes.. They show that nothing is safe on the internet – apart from criminals, it seems. It is incredibly difficult to protect computers, networks and the […]

Adopting iso 9001 standard guidelines to build quality information management systems (1)

The concept of building quality information management systems is a key component in building longlasting businesses. However, information management systems have been fraught with corporate bureaucracies, misunderstanding of the company’s goals and uncooperative stakeholders. In this article, I will show how companies use the International Standard Organisation’s guidelines as a guide for building quality information […]

Oil’s historical 17-year low puts Nigeria under the spotlight

Will the Central Bank of Nigeria pull the rate cut trigger?

Fears over Nigeria descending into a recession have intensified after US crude tested levels below $20 for the first time in more than 17 years. The last few months have certainly not been kind to Oil which has depreciated over 65% since the start of 2020. With Oil expected to trend lower amid widespread lockdowns across the […]

How is the Coronavirus impacting Nigeria’s economy?

Will the Central Bank of Nigeria pull the rate cut trigger?

On March 26, Nigeria joined many other nations banning flights into the country and urging shelter-in-place, social isolation practices amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. President Buhari approved a 10-billion-naira grant to the epicentre Lagos to fight the outbreak in the region and a five-billion-Naira grant to support the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. Exports of […]

Covid-19: Trigger for Nigeria’s economic diversification?

One of the likely ‘gains’ of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that has been ravaging the world since the dawn of 2020 is the expectation that the plague might drive a country like Nigeria into effective diversification of its economy. This expectation is essetially hinged on the fact that the emergence of the disease has led […]

COVID-19: A game changer in the microfinance subsector

When I thought of documenting my ideas on how the current pandemic would affect how we do business in the microfinance subsector, I initially thought it was too early as we were yet to even enter the woods talk less of being out. However, when I heard of the miracle recovery of the Chinese economy […]

Raising information security awareness during covid-19 pandemic

Costin Raiu, head of global research and analysis at Kaspersky, claimed that there has been an upsurge by hackers to profit from the recent Covid-19 pandemic. He says “I have never seen anything like this” as hackers are creating various websites named specifically to carry the Covid-19 pandemic theme to attract victims. These are dire […]

GRC, cybersecurity intersection for curbing cybercrimes menace

The word cyber and its relative are probably the most frequently used lexica of the modern era. In the information age, the rapid development of computers, telecommunications and other technologies has led to the progression of new forms of trans-national crimes known as “cybercrimes”. Cybercrimes have virtually no boundaries and may affect every country […]

Will the Central Bank of Nigeria pull the rate cut trigger?

Will the Central Bank of Nigeria pull the rate cut trigger?

As the coronavirus outbreak creates shockwaves across the globe, central banks and governments are enforcing emergency measures to defend their respective economies. It was only last week that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) technically devalued the Naira at the Investors and Exporters (I&E) windows of the nation’s foreign exchange markets. While this move may […]