LIMITED is an updated daily global online, digital edition of the print version of Business a.m., a newspaper owned and published by Businessnewscorp in Lagos, the financial and business capital of Nigeria. It is a leading source of coverage for the finance sector and general business and it vigorously pursues the agenda of ensuring more efficient markets.
It is a platform for the financial markets and business in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa. It aims to represent the interest of the financial markets and business to those not best informed or less interested in the financial markets and business matters; and provides succour and encouragement for new business formation and investment. Business a.m. covers banking and finance, investment banking, fund management, securities, including private equity, as well as business activity and the economy from a markets perspective in Nigeria, Africa and the World.
Business a.m. aims to deliver unmatched coverage and insight of the issues that are most important to our ambitious readership. We shall provide coverage of the financial sector and the markets in more depth than other news publications and with more breadth than trade publications, distilling what’s on the agenda for key sectors including, Investment Banking,  Trading and Technology, Fund Management, Alternatives, Markets, Commodities, Companies, among others.
Business a.m. has a special focus on people, thus making it the best source for insight about careers, executive business education, compensation trends, best-place-to-work and the key issues affecting professionals and the businesses they work for.
Our corporate finance journalists report on the banking and financial services industries, covering Nigeria and the rest of Africa, Western Europe, North America as well as the top financial centres of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and the Middle East.
Our journalists who cover M&A seek out global merger and acquisition activity, from the simple corporate mergers and acquisitions to leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, venture capital investment, stake-building and restructuring that are sometimes sponsored by private equity.
Our economy and business journalists look at the economics driving key decision making in companies, the executives making these decisions and how these are shaping and changing the markets they play in.
Working with its sister division, BNC Events, Business a.m. provide strong support for the organization of annual awards events where excellence in key areas of business is recognized.
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