The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has given WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform the go-ahead to launch a “full

Major tech leaders late last week signed a cybersecurity charter outlining methods for businesses and governments to increase their

Unilever, one of the world’s biggest spenders on advertising, has threatened to pull ads from digital platforms such as Facebook and

Africa leaders have shown commitment in supporting the continent’s youth to build tomorrow’s society through innovation. This

Instant charging of an iPhone became one step closer to reality after researchers at China’s Zhejiang University recharged a

Artificial intelligence and its impact on weapons of the future has made Jim Mattis, US Defense Secretary doubt his own theories on

People who constantly search for images online will immediately notice what Google did to the Images section of its search engine. For

Sophos, a British security software and hardware company in a statement revealed 19 Android apps that secretly mine the cryptocurrency

Unknown hackers stole 339.5 million roubles ($6 million) from a Russian bank last year in an attack using the SWIFT international

Europe’s justice commissioner told Facebook, Twitter, and Google on Thursday to do more to bring their user terms in line with EU law,