By Zainab Iwayemi     Ecobank CEO charges Fintech community to attract savings   Musa Jimoh Itopa, director, payment system

VICTOR AFOLABI is the Chief Executive Officer, Eko Innovation Centre, and founder, Retailar Merchant. In this interview with Business

By Zainab Iwayemi   In a bid to celebrate Africa creativity, YouTube, the world’s most popular online video community, has

By Hamid Ayodeji   A senior executive of SystemSpecs, a provider of financial and human capital technology solutions, has stated

By Hamid Ayodeji   Visa, the global card payments and financial technology services company, has unveiled two new components of

By Onome Amuge   November 22, 2020 has been acknowledged as the inaugural edition of the Global Day of Influence. The Global Day

By Hamid Ayodeji   Farmcrowdy, a leading technology driven agricultural firm in Nigeria has launched new e-commerce, trading and

By Charles Abuede   Africa’s internet sector has the potential to contribute about $180 billion to the continent’s economy, with

  Developed by Orange MEA at cost of €1bn     A new pan-African fibre optic network named Djibola, developed and

 By Zainab Iwayemi     P+, anagency with expertise in media monitoring, public relations measurement and audit, has marked