By Philip Eyam-Ozung   The BUSINESS DICTIONARY defines a Business Plan as a ‘Set of documents prepared by a firm’s management to

 The names of over 1000 successful entrepreneurs out of hundreds of thousands applixants across the continent of Africa who applied

By Philip Eyam-Ozung   ENTREPRENEURIAL STRATEGY IS ONE OF THE KEY DOMAINS of entrepreneurship that will be most fundamentally

BY MOSES OBAJEMU, ADESOLA AFOLABI, BUKOLA ODUFADE & OLUWASEUN AFOLABI Tweak fiscal, monetary policies for pro-market climate Open

Nigeria, as with other parts of the world, has a high rate of failure in startup businesses, thus making entrepreneurship daunting

SINCE THE DANCE METAPHOR in relation to which the entrepreneur was portrayed as a three-legged dancer proved so useful in setting the

Nigeria can generate over $10 billion from local and international trade in honey and other hive products annually. Yet the country

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) has announced plans to include 50 additional Beninese entrepreneurs to its usual selection of 1000

In a bid to provide non-financial solutions that will aid the development and digital transformation of Nigerian small and medium

Philip Eyam-Ozung Principal Consulting & Coaching Executive   IN THE UNVEILING OF THE ENTREPRENEUR’S THREE-LEGGED DANCE in