Opportunities seen in diversifying Nigeria’s renewable energy sources

The major differences between fossil fuel and renewables as sources of energy can be found in two words: reliability and exhaustibility. Fossil fuels are controllable and readily available, but not inexhaustible. However, renewable energy, such as biomass, sun, wind, and water, is somewhat unreliable because we don’t control the energy to be generated, but they […]

Saudi Arabia plans up to $7bn of renewable energy projects this year

Saudi Arabia expects to start up to $7 billion of renewable energy projects this year, with solar plants leading the way. Tenders will be issued this year for eight projects totaling 4.125 gigawatts of capacity, Turki Mohammed Al Shehri, head of the kingdom’s Renewable Energy Project Development Office, said Tuesday in an interview in Abu […]

Demand for remote renewable energy systems propels power storage market in Sub Saharan Africa, Frost & Sullivan

The drive to integrate renewable energy into the grid whilst at the same time supply constant, reliable power for industry activities is one of the key factors driving the power storage market in Sub-Saharan Africa. Similarly, more residential consumers and rural communities are relying on RE technologies to meet their daily power requirements. While demand […]

Solar-powered cool rooms making big difference, fighting waste in Africa

Food waste in Africa is a serious issue. Half of all the fruit and vegetables produced there are thrown away, even though millions of people across the continent are going hungry. Intermittent power supplies and poor storage facilities mean that staple foods – among them cereals, roots, and tubers – are too often lost after […]

International Solar Alliance seeks cheap energy via global bids

The International Solar Alliance, championed by India and France, came into effect Wednesday, aiming to promote affordable sun-powered electricity to its members through global tenders and cheap financing. The inter-governmental agency, which has been ratified by 19 countries and has 46 signatories to its framework agreement, aims to mobilize $1 trillion of low-cost financing for […]

Inverter chargers could be the future for solar energy

The solar inverter is a central component of every solar system, turning the direct current (DC) from a solar panel to the alternating current (AC) we use in homes and the electric grid. Some call it the brains of the solar system because it is where the solar system is monitored and feeds into the […]