Apple announces running on 100% renewable energy

Tim Cook, CEO, speaks during Apple's annual world wide developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, U.S. June 5, 2017.

Apple Inc., American multinational technology company has announced that it now runs its operations on 100 percent renewable energy, including operations around the world, such as their retail stores, offices, and data centres. The tech company has always boasted about its green efforts and how they try to strive for making their products as green […]

Not enough knowledge of biomass keeps industry informal

Biomass as a source of power generation in Nigeria has been more talk than action, unlike its other renewable energy counterparts such as solar or wind energy. Despite biomass being the only baseload source of renewable energy, meaning it can produce constant power without depending on the weather or daylight, it is still overlooked and […]

UK emissions drop 3% on rise of renewables

Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK fell 3 percent last year from the previous year, due to increased use of renewable power sources and lower energy consumption. The new figures indicate that the UK has outperformed its target for emissions reduction during the “second carbon budget”, which is part of the country’s plan to cut […]

Saudi Arabia to build $200bn solar power farm to reduce dependence on oil

In its latest efforts to increase access to renewables and reduce dependence on oil, Saudi Arabia has drawn up plans to build the world’s biggest solar farm, which, if realized, would create 100,000 jobs in the oil-rich kingdom and produce 200 gigawatts (GW) of energy, a third more than the global photovoltaic industry supplied worldwide […]

More Africa homes get powered as Kenyan M-KOPA Solar secures more fund

M-KOPA Solar, Kenyan pay-as-you-go solar energy provider has secured a new round of funding that will be used to extend their product offering to more homes and individuals across Africa. The investment amount, which is undisclosed, includes a first-ever $10 million investment from FinDev Canada, according to ITWebAfrica. Led by U.K. government-owned investment company CDC, […]

Off-grid power rollout to boost rural telephony

Telecommunications services across Nigeria, especially rural areas, would improve in the near term as plans are underway to rollout a massive infrastructure for rural cellphone telephony system across Nigeria by Raeanna Nigeria Limited, an indigenous telecoms infrastructure company that creates affordable voice and data solutions. The company, according to its Canadian-based technical partner, Clear Blue […]

Microsoft to buy solar power in Singapore in first renewable deal in Asia

Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it will buy solar power from the Sunseap Group in Singapore, the technology company’s first renewable energy deal in Asia. Microsoft, according to report by Reuters, will purchase 100 percent of the electricity generated from Sunseap’s 60 megawatt-peak solar power project for 20 years for its Singapore data operations, the […]

Opportunities seen in diversifying Nigeria’s renewable energy sources

The major differences between fossil fuel and renewables as sources of energy can be found in two words: reliability and exhaustibility. Fossil fuels are controllable and readily available, but not inexhaustible. However, renewable energy, such as biomass, sun, wind, and water, is somewhat unreliable because we don’t control the energy to be generated, but they […]