African Union,Google celebrate Africa Day with #DiscoverMyAfrica

Business a.m. The Office of the African Union Chairperson’s Youth Envoy and Google have announced the launch of the #DiscoverMyAfrica Shorts Challenge, a month-long initiative to celebrate the rich diversity, heritage, and vibrant spirit of the African continent.  Throughout May, YouTube creators across Africa are invited to share short videos capturing their unique perspectives, using […]

Providus Bank launches hive fest to promote nurture local talent,creativity

Onome Amuge Providus Bank, a leading Nigerian financial institution, has announced that it will be hosting the Providus Hive Fest, a three-day celebration of creativity, culture, and community, to take place from March 30 to April 1, 2024 at the Balmoral Centre in Lagos.  The event promises to be a dynamic showcase of some of […]

Nigerian Women in Public Relations advocates PR for conflict resolution

Onome Amuge The Nigerian Women in Public Relations (NWiPR), an  impact organisation that advocates for and provides growth resources to Nigerian Women working in public relations  and communications, recently concluded its 2024 Experiencing PR conference with a call for stronger relationships, greater ethical standards, and a more positive image of the public relations industry.   […]

New planet discovered in orbit of young Milky Way star

A second planet has been discovered circling Beta Pictoris, a fledgeling star in our own galaxy offering astronomers a rare glimpse of a planetary system in the making, according to a study published Monday. “We talking about a giant planet about 3,000 times more massive than Earth, situated 2.7 times further from its star than […]