Amazon on Wednesday announced that it will soon allow people to ask Alexa to delete some of the things it saves when you ask it

China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has filed a legal motion seeking to declare a U.S. defense law unconstitutional, in the telecom

A team of researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder in the United States of America, has explained, in a new study, how

Chinese telecom company Huawei held on to its spot as the world’s second biggest smartphone vendor in the first quarter, before being

Japan’s government said on Monday that high-tech industries will be added to a list of businesses for which foreign ownership of

With 75 percent or 980.2 million of Africa’s 1.307 billion people yet without access to internet, Africa50, the pan-African

The United States has temporarily eased trade restrictions on China’s Huawei to minimize disruption for its customers, a move the

Facebook announced Wednesday it is tightening access to live streaming to prevent the rampant sharing of graphic video as took place

Comcast Corp has agreed to give Walt Disney Co full control of Hulu in a deal that puts a minimum future value on the streaming

Arc Skills, the world’s first lifelong learning company, which says it is about to expand its courses across Nigeria, has