By Anita Zaidi     SEATTLE – When Cyclone Idai ripped through Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe on the night of March 14, it

By Lauren Hendricks   WASHINGTON, DC – ACROSS HONDURAS, El Salvador, and Guatemala, women who seek to escape poverty by launching

By Mark Suzman     SEATTLE – TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, South Africa held its first free elections after the end of apartheid.

By Junaid Nabi       BOSTON – A FEW years ago, toward the end of his life, my father battled severe depression. As a

By Carl Manlan     LOMÉ – AFRICA’S HEALTH sector represents a massive investment opportunity, estimated by the United

By Jenna Dodson     GOTHENBURG – INDONESIA, home to 264 million people, is the world’s fourth-most populous country. Its

By Phakama Ntshongwana, Nicola Ansell & Keetie Roelen   ELIZABETH/LONDON/BRIGHTON – To live in dignity, free from want, is a

By Magdalena Sepulveda   MEXICO CITY – IN RECENT decades, social assistance programs around the world have been strengthened to

By Fredros Okumu    DAR ES SALAAM – Mosquitoes are often described as the most dangerous animals on earth, because the diseases