By Onome Amuge  The UK, reputed as a global leader in the adoption and operation of open banking, is at risk of losing its top

Global bank rating trends were sharply negative in the first half of 2017 with downgrades significantly outnumbering upgrades, says

Parents who think they are being responsible by limiting their children’s time online should think again: they could be putting

The cost of renting a home in London fell for the fourth month in a row, continuing the first period of decline since 2009 as

Since Britain voted to leave the European Union over a year ago, millions of EU citizens living in the U.K. and over a million British

The British Government has published plans Wednesday to push for a bill that would give it the legal power to impose sanctions after

Royal Dutch Shell, Europe’s largest oil refinery will resume production in the second half of August. The company said in a

The U.K. could lose up to half of its investment banking jobs over the next few years if the government continues to pursue a

Nasdaq Inc has agreed to acquire Sybenetix, a London-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to help compliance officers at

The U.K. government set out plans to help energy consumers and industry save as much as 40 billion pounds ($52 billion) on their bills