Dr. Irene is Data Protection Consultant and writes in from London. 

   When Funke opened a bank account with this new Nigerian digital bank, she had no idea that what lay ahead would undo her

WhatsApp’s privacy policy story recently rocked the global news wave. Here is a summary. They claim that they would transfer

As a stakeholder, do you know your organisation’s privacy maturity model? If not, this article is for you. In simple terms, I explain

2020 was a challenging year for world economies and individuals. COVID-19, the deadly virus, ravaged business processes, destabilised

 This week’s piece covers the importance of digitalising business processes and how data protection plays a big part in that

By Michael Irene   Some weeks ago, in Nigeria and other parts of the world, many people took to the streets to protest against

As a company’s managing director or chief executive officer, you don’t want to make the front page of any newspaper

Think about these two phrases: You can have information security without data privacy. You can’t find data privacy without security.

  There are many ways a company might mess up their data privacy missions. Ticketmaster, one of United Kingdom’s ticket

Morayo, a former employee of Chicant IT Limited, was sacked. Some days later, he hand-delivers a letter to the reception of one of his