Dr. Irene is Data Protection Consultant and writes in from London. 

In any data protection or information security management framework, consent management or the lack thereof springs many things. The

It’s easy to assume that the data protection principles’ especially transparency relies on or ends at publishing privacy notices on

Regulations and regulators play a critical role in any community. It can protect citizens and prevent exposures to unwarranted risks.

Companies are aware that creating a solid information management system such as having the right policies, training staffs and having

 There are so many components within the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR), and even in the European General Data Protection

These days, almost every website requires individuals to fill consent form or affirmatively agree to allow the site to place cookies

From all indications and numerous researches, businesses will rely heavily on the use of big data. Companies want to know their

Mark started working with this new fintech company as one of the software developers. He knows how to make products that make

Regulators, stakeholders and customers agree that there is a need for firms, institutions and any institution that holds data to have

Dotun checks his phone, and an application informs him that he needs to take his required medication for that time. Hours later, the