Michael Irene is a data and information governance practitioner based in London, United Kingdom. He is also a Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK, and can be reached via moshoke@yahoo.com; twitter: @moshoke

Picture yourself in an old bookshop, its shelves brimming with ancient tomes whose stories have been lost to time. The shopkeeper

In the ever-evolving landscape of information security, my journey through the realms of threat vectors, risk appetite, and business

In the early hours of a crisp London morning, as commuters sipped their first cup of tea and businesses geared up for another day of

In the vibrant academic corridors of Nigerian universities, the integrity of scholarship is paramount, a beacon guiding the

Data protection and privacy have become paramount, and the handling of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) represents a critical

On a crisp autumn morning, as I sipped my very black coffee, my phone buzzed with an alert: a notification from my phone, advising me

In the evolving landscape of data privacy and protection, the enactment of the Nigerian Data Protection Act (2023) stands as a

As a seasoned privacy expert entrenched in the complexities of data stewardship, I’ve witnessed first-hand the monumental shift

As a Data Privacy and Protection Specialist, I have observed the delicate balance between data utility and privacy within the digital

As a data protection expert entrenched in the digital transformation landscape, the introduction of the Digital Online Resiliency Act