Dr. Irene is Data Protection Consultant and writes in from London. 

There have been ongoing debates about what a data protection officer must have to carry out her job appropriately. Especially in

When you go to some websites, you will find this gentle pop-up that seeks consent. Usually, it is the cookie consent or directions to

After a company identifies the data privacy framework that works for them, the next step is to consider the right privacy strategy. In

Most Nigerian non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities and religious houses overlook the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation.

The adoption of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) in any organisation offers significant potential. With the right focused and strategic

What might seem like an ‘innocent’ act by an employer in the name of employee monitoring can be viewed as an excessive intrusion when

In a meeting with some information security personnel, the chief executive officer (CEO) of a bicycle company in Lagos quipped that,

In any data protection or information security management framework, consent management or the lack thereof springs many things. The

It’s easy to assume that the data protection principles’ especially transparency relies on or ends at publishing privacy notices on

Regulations and regulators play a critical role in any community. It can protect citizens and prevent exposures to unwarranted risks.