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At the start of the year I had written an article that was published by this newspaper, “business a.m.”, Nigeria’s fastest growing

Let me take you on a journey, one that the entire Africa travel and tourism industry gathered to experience at the prestigious Durban

“Energy understood can be best unlocked” – Joshua Awesome   Earth day was recently celebrated, a day I recall met me in the city

The line separating good and evil passes, not through states, not through classes, nor between political parties…but right through

“Mental Health Is Not A Destination, but a process. It is about how you drive, not where you’re going.” – Noam Shpancer, PhD

“The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr.   Over half a century ago, Dr Martin Luther.

“SOAR – Step Out in Action Recalibrating”   It’s a great day! Get really excited about this (G.R.E.A.T) gift of a brand-new

“Stress and Anxiety Cause Our Brains to Release Chemicals That Put Lines in Our Faces and Tear Us Down Emotionally and Spiritually”

“We make A Living By What We Get, We Make A Life By What We Give”- Sir. Winston Churchill   Way back in the Third Century, a man

 “A heart that expresses gratitude Glows, Shines forth with attitude”                                   – Joshua Awesome