Sunny Nwachukwu (Loyal Sigmite), PhD, a pure and applied chemist with an MBA in management, is an Onitsha based industrialist, a fellow of ICCON, and vice president, finance, Onitsha Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached on  +234 803 318 2105 (text only) or

Organisational sustainability is the ultimate end that justifies the means – from the economic pillars to administrative and social

In the history of Nigeria, quite a significant number of very successful business entities have been established by families and

Out of the three basic needs of man – food, shelter and clothing – nature designed it so that animals must feed to obtain nutrients to

Nigeria’s weak institutional structure has been identified as the fertile ground that breeds its endemic corruption-driven governance;

The cost of governance for the Nigerian state, arguably, has the most significant impact on the country’s economic growth and

Sequel to the points already made in the preceding part of this subject, being deliberated upon, the global energy business as

Confronting the realities of global warming by corporate resolution in  every economy of the world, and sending all stakeholders in

The just concluded Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai, the United Nations sponsored climate summit, finally came up, as it ended,

Pessimism and procrastination are two negative virtues that should not find space in the minds of forward thinking, resourceful and

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” is a popular saying with origins in a Chinese proverb; so, here we are! Energy