Sunny Nwachukwu (Loyal Sigmite), PhD, a pure and applied chemist with an MBA in management, is an Onitsha based industrialist, a fellow of ICCON, and vice president, finance, Onitsha Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached on  +234 803 318 2105 (text only) or

Economies are built and developed by leaders who are well grounded in the art and craftsmanship, as well as the science of leadership.

Leaders, rulers and stewards are three words that have near similarity in meaning and usage to many people in society, especially in

Poverty is one word that means so many things to different human beings. It is the state of not having enough money to meet basic

The present harsh economic landscape of Nigeria, that is manifested in the activities of the human society and immediate natural

Petroleum products prices, particularly premium motor spirit (PMS), popularly called petrol, in events currently unfolding like drama

The economic landscape that determines the quality of achievable performances of economic goals is characterised by the nature of

Innovation is the key to future successes in any business endeavour. As life is a continuum, so is innovation, because nothing in life

The organisational and management activities performed by an investor upon establishing a business enterprise are carried out without

Nigeria’s present tough economic situation has gone haywire. It is no longer a thing to joke about, especially going by the

Self employment and national “self sufficiency” are two sides of a coin in nation building. This can happen  through individual