Sunny Nwachukwu (Loyal Sigmite), PhD, a pure and applied chemist with an MBA in management, is an Onitsha based industrialist, a fellow of ICCON, and vice president, finance, Onitsha Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached on  +234 803 318 2105 (text only) or

The general worldview, observing from the impact of the ongoing Ukrainian/Russian war, keeps everyone on their toes with regards to

The 2022 seasonal flooding experienced in Nigeria is unprecedented, with colossal losses caused by destructive submerging of people’s

Global financial institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in particular, have started definitive

As the forthcoming COP27 summit draws closer (expectations are really high from all stakeholders), the anticipated energy crisis in

Successful solutions of green energy and the strategies applied to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (the Greenhouse Gas emissions’

The primary aims and economic objectives of establishing any legitimate business venture are basically to provide the needed goods for

Thinking aloud and out of the box, Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan (NETP) may need to start considering a strategic economic

The federal government of Nigeria needs to start thinking seriously about starting a nuclear atomic energy project of the future.