Broad welcome to bank recapitalisation Questions over $1trn economy target   Reactions were quick and immediate but they were

  Lagos, Akwa Ibom get world’s largest  subsea cable Support Nigeria, Africa on its prosperity journey   PHILLIP ISAKPA IN

Phillip Isakpa in Marrakech, Morocco Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, head of the government of Lagos State, Africa’s fastest growing

PHILLIP ISAKPA, MANCHESTER, UK   The 2023 Africa Investment Forum’s (AIF) Market Days opens on Wednesday in the city of

PHILLIP ISAKPA IN LONDON, UK    A world of unprecedented  uncertainty in demand, along with an insufficient level of investment

PHILLIP ISAKPA IN LONDON, UK   After moving quickly on two of Nigeria’s longstanding but economy distorting opaque policies

Banker Otti seen to have political will Power headache set to ease Can manufacture for Nigeria‭, ‬Africa‭, ‬world   Acrescendo of

  BY PHILLIP ISAKPA, IN LONDON, UK    Buhari ends second disastrous adventure into power     Many political and

    BY PHILLIP ISAKPA     An international and local working group made up of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Renewable

BY PHILLIP ISAKPA Caribbean, Pacific countries also to benefit Falls under EU’s Global Gateway strategy To boost private sector