Our failure to count

There are three simple but interesting failures that have dogged Nigeria as a country and these failures, ignored largely by the leadership who, because of their privileged positions that enable them to heftily take care of themselves and their families and, therefore, forget the rest of us to wallow in their failure, are at the […]

The CAC: A reform long overdue

The Corporate Affairs Commission appears to have suddenly woken up. For many years it was a nightmare, as a public institution, to deal with. The truth is that it is like many institutions or agencies of government, where those who work in them and are kept at the expense of taxpayers or oil money from […]

The economy is still the issue

By May 29, which is about a month away, this government will do two things. It will celebrate its full three years in office. It will then go on to begin a countdown towards the end of its first full term in office. It is true that as a government it is working assiduously to […]

Adeosun’s swift and decisive move on SEC

Last week was not such a good week for the Nigerian equities market. And this was not in the least the result of developments to do with demand and supply economics; to wit, whether or not shares were being lapped up or dumped. No, nothing of the sort! The drama began to play out with […]

Outrageous subsidy, time to deregulate downstream

There is a new name for petroleum subsidy in Nigeria. It is the technical expression known as ‘under-recovery on petrol import.’ And there had to be a new name for what we all call subsidy. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Long before this government came to power, during the much-heated campaigns to win […]

New cities for economic expansion and growth

Nigeria’s political and economic leadership appears stuck in the mud. When you get stuck in the mud, often, you are not able to move freely. You will be lucky if the mud is not the quicksand type, otherwise you are likely to find yourself sinking. It is amazing how it is that the country has […]

Bill Gates: Speaking truth, economics, humanism to arrogant power

It was former American President, Jimmy Carter, who first showed an unusual love for Nigeria. He used to come to Nigeria in the years after he left office when he was still strong, and he had taken on humanitarian works through The Carter Centre. President Carter was concerned about the devastating impact on Nigerian children […]

Government, citizens have shared responsibilities

In the next 12 days, the first quarter of 2018 will draw to a close. The Federal Government’s spending plans are still being debated at the National Assembly. If you are as concerned as we are, then be rest assured that we are alone in our state of worry. And this is so because nothing worries […]

Lagos land use charge: Ambode’s welcome offer to dialogue

It may have come late, but that it came at all is a relief. The offer to dialogue on the matter of the new Lagos Land Use Charge made by the State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, last Tuesday, when he met with business leaders, suggests to us that his government takes public outcry over policies seriously. […]

Release the budget, economy needs capital

The Federal Government has a document at the National Assembly worth N8.61 trillion, which is still being debated on by men and women of the hallowed chambers in Abuja. e amount represents the Federal Government’s spending proposals for 2018; and it is supposed to be the last full budget this government would be implementing before […]