Onome Amuge   Experts are increasingly recognising the importance of aquatic territory cultivation,also known as fish farming or

By Business A.M. Mozambique has joined the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) as the 27th African country with a commitment to

By Business A.M.  The federal executive council (FEC) has approved the sum of N6 billion for the construction of the corporate

By Isaac AIDOO, in Accra, Ghana   Players in Ghana’s agribusiness sector have renewed calls on the government to facilitate the

By Onome Amuge Nigeria is expected to earn about $3 billion annually from hibiscus exports to Mexico backed by  a phytosanitary

By Onome Amuge Food prices, which surged to a record valuation earlier this year,have been projected to remain elevated amid the

By Onome Amuge Dairy production, which includes the processing, storage, and distribution of milk and milk products from livestock,

Onome Amuge Copper prices advanced in the week, underpinned by an easing of COVID-19 curbs in China which boosted demand expectations

By Onome Amuge Gold futures soared to four consecutive sessions to end the week moderately higher, supported by a weakened dollar.

By Onome Amuge   Arabica coffee futures edged lower on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) as the market slipped into a prolonged