Bitcoin, other virtual currencies sink further as Google bans crypto, ICO ads in June

Google said Wednesday morning that it will ban adverts for cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICO) and “other speculative financial instruments,” starting in June, as part of a wider effort to protect consumers from scams hidden behind rapidly growing high-risk financial products. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ICOs — a crowdfunding mechanism using digital currencies — […]

Cryptocurrencies rebound as bitcoin returns toward $10,000

Crypto prices traded sharply higher on Monday, as Bitcoin climbed back towards the $10,000 mark after sliding 18% last week. Bitcoin was trading at $9,483.1 by 3:45 GMT on the Bitfinex exchange, jumped 10.7% over the previous 24 hours. Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, surged 5.8% at $719.99 on the Bitfinex […]

Cryptocurrencies fall after South Korea ban on government trading

Bitcoin slumped on Tuesday amid regulatory concerns, as South Korea issued a ban on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was trading at $10,927, down 5.13% as of 12:59 GMT on the Bitfinex after hitting an overnight high of $11,642. Bitcoin has struggled to stay above $11,000 since it hit a two-month low of $6,000 in early February. South […]

UAE banks ban trading in bitcoin, others

Foreign banks operating in the UAE have been banned from trading or purchasing virtual currency including Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to Coin Market Cap, a website which mainly deals with information on digital currency prices. The banks have notified their customers and employees not to use the banks cards to purchase any form of digital […]

Digital currencies failing as money, but technology has promise-Carney

Mark Carney,

Mark Carney, Bank of England governor said Friday that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are failing as a form of money and have shown clear signs of being a financial bubble, but their technology could improve the financial system in future, Carney joined a chorus of concern among global policymakers over the rise of digital currencies, saying […]

Bitcoin tumbles below $10,000 as Bank of America warns of crypto risks

Bitcoin, the world’s number 1 cryptocurrency fell below $10,000 after nearly reaching $12,000. According to Coindesk, it reached $9,604.84 as of 06:00 am (GMT) following a report by the Bank of America that cryptocurrency could represent a substantial threat to its business in its annual filing with the SEC. A global investment craze over bitcoin and […]