By Dani Rodrik   CAMBRIDGE – The international trade regime we now have, expressed in the rules of the World Trade Organization

By Michael Spence   MILAN – Much economic commentary nowadays focuses on “divergence”: while broad equity-market indices are at

By Kaushik Basu   ITHACA – Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris was my first choice among the contenders for the Democratic

By Muhammed Magassy   BANJUL – Africa is becoming a new COVID-19 epicenter. In the recent weeks, South Africa reported a 60%

By Andrés Velasco   LONDON – Among the pieties repeated at every online COVID-19 conference, one is universally acknowledged: the

By Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi   LONDON – Central banking in emerging markets has undergone a quiet revolution during the COVID-19

By Mohamed A. El-Erian   LAGUNA BEACH – A near-10% drop in the value of the US dollar since its March high has given rise to two

By Philippe Le Houérou     WASHINGTON, DC – For most countries, navigating the protracted economic slump brought on by

By Barry Eichengreen     BERKELEY – The dollar is in free-fall! The global greenback is doomed! scream recent headlines.

By Daron Acemoglu   CAMBRIDGE – It is always worth remembering that in the grand sweep of history, we are the fortunate ones.