Eurozone economy hits ‘speed bump’ amid uncertainty


The outlook for the 19-country eurozone appeared murkier Monday with the rise of populist parties in Italy and mounting fears of a global trade war after U.S. President Donald Trump backed tariffs on aluminum and steel and warned that more could come, even on European cars. This shift comes after the eurozone has been one […]

7.8 billion people will travel by air in 2036- IATA

With cheaper fares making air travel more affordable to the masses, the International Air Transport Association expects 7.8 billion passengers to travel in 2036, almost doubling from an estimated 4 billion last year. Asia-Pacific will be the biggest driver of demand, accounting for more than half of the new passengers in the next two decades. […]

One in six new cars by 2025 will be electric as consumer interest rises

Almost every sixth car sold in the world will be electric by 2025, according to a UBS global autos survey released Tuesday. And if things go the way they have in 2017, those cars are more likely to be emblazoned with a Tesla Inc. logo than BMW AG’s. By the middle of the next decade, global sales of electric vehicles should […]

South Africa’s business confidence at lowest in over 30 years

South Africa’s business confidence index fell to its lowest in more than three decades in August as merchandise import and export volumes fell, a survey showed Wednesday. According to Reuters, the business group said South Africa’s economic performance was sub-optimal despite an positive global outlook, and improved business confidence was needed to revitalise domestic growth. […]

Reuters poll suggests world’s slowdown just about to begin


For all the talk of world economies rising in sync, there does not seem to be an abundance of optimism about how long it will last. Tucked away in Reuters latest quarterly economic poll series is a projection that growth rates in nearly all of the world’s largest economies will fall over the next two […]