By Ben Eguzozie   Provider of solar-power household goods and affordable finance for low-income households and communities in

  By Alexander Chiejina   Increasing smartphone adoption, expanded network coverage, including rapidly urbanising population

  By Business A.M.    MoU expected to generate knowledge that provides a global baseline for renewable energy Signed on

   BY BEN EGUZOZIE    $45bn needed to fully harness existing potential  Only $7bn currently available   Africa’s

By Onome Amuge More than half of Europe’s liquified natural gas (LNG) import capacity could become stranded assets by 2030 as

By Onome Amuge The World Bank has projected that  380 million Africans could get access to solar energy and realise the full potential

  By Phillip Isakpa   Global balance sheet’s relation to gross domestic product (GDP) is projected to head in four