Wale Ameen Online Editor   Taking a big hit, world most popular bitcoin this Wednesday further took a dive into the red amidst

Move spurred by inflation concerns  Allocates 50% of cash reserves to Bitcoin   Charles Abuede   As Nigeria’s inflation

Crypto analysts project the currency to hit $80,000 by Q2 as Bloomberg says coin could reach $400,000 by 2022   Charles Abuede

Charles Abuede   JP Morgan Chase’s research strategists have revealed that retail investors have purchased more Bitcoins than

By Charles Abuede   The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has banned Nigerian banks and other financial and non-financial

By Charles Abuede   A cryptocurrency analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co has stated that Bitcoin has the potential to reach

Vendibit, a South African blockchain company, has announced the re-opening and rebranding of Africas very first “VTM”, a

A new demographic analysis of people trading in cryptocurrencies has shown that only very few – 8.5 percent – are female, with

Warren Buffett, billionaire and a notorious bitcoin bear, again hit at cryptocurrencies during the 2018 Berkshire Hathaway annual

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged policymakers to keep an open mind on