American debt levels continue rising year after year, with a surge in the number of people using loans to pay anything from home

In spite of the new tariffs on imported solar panels, the U.S. solar power market recorded an annual growth of 13 percent as it added

The US economy continued to create plentiful new jobs in May according to the country’s latest employment report, despite Donald

US energy efficiency sector added 133,000 new jobs in 2017 with 67,000 of them created by energy efficiency employers, according to

US household debt has set yet another record high as it reached $13.2 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, a $63 billion increase

The U.S. trade deficit narrowed sharply in March, the lowest level in six months, as exports increased to a record high amid a surge

The US budget and current account deficits raise the risk of a debt crisis. America’s fiscal situation right now as measured by

A fully fledged trade war would hurt those who might retaliate more than the US, said Brendan Rynne, KPMG chief economist. The

Crude oil prices moved lower on Thursday, despite upbeat U.S. inventories data released in the previous session, as the minutes of the