President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has claimed that the country’s oil-backed “petro” cryptocurrency raised $735

Russia signed an agreement to restructure $3.15 billion of debt owed by Venezuela, throwing a lifeline to a crisis-wracked ally that’s

A U.S. appeals court in California Monday let part of President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban go into effect, ruling that the

The Venezuelan government has moved to legalise the use of Bitcoin as an official currency and legal tender in the country. This is

Those in the oil market fearing a flood of OPEC supply next year will probably be better off preparing for a shortage, according to

OPEC and its allies are discussing extending the oil production cuts that expire in March 2018 by more than three months, potentially

Donald Trump’s administration is concerned about any action by U.S. companies that provides a financial lifeline to

Venezuela on Tuesday announced a new foreign exchange auction mechanism to complement its currency control system, the fifth such plan