International Solar Alliance seeks cheap energy via global bids

The International Solar Alliance, championed by India and France, came into effect Wednesday, aiming to promote affordable sun-powered electricity to its members through global tenders and cheap financing. The inter-governmental agency, which has been ratified by 19 countries and has 46 signatories to its framework agreement, aims to mobilize $1 trillion of low-cost financing for […]

Inverter chargers could be the future for solar energy

The solar inverter is a central component of every solar system, turning the direct current (DC) from a solar panel to the alternating current (AC) we use in homes and the electric grid. Some call it the brains of the solar system because it is where the solar system is monitored and feeds into the […]

Rwanda’s renewable energy gets $50m boost

Rwanda’s energy rollout efforts received a boost Tuesday, following the operationalisation of $50 million to catalyse private sector’s investment in off-grid energy solutions. The fund, managed by the World Bank and rolled out through Development Bank of Rwanda, is expected to facilitate the electrification of about 445,000 households in the next seven years. This, when […]

West Africa’s off-grid solar market boom drives Lumos expansion

West Africa’s booming off-grid solar industry is drawing international investors eyeing expansion. Lumos Global, a Dutch off-grid developer that raised $90 million last year to start a business in Nigeria, said it’s expanding in Ivory Coast this month. In both countries, Amsterdam-based Lumos is using a partnership with MTN Group Ltd. that allows customers pay for solar power with […]

Citigroup to use only renewable energy by 2020

Citigroup Inc has pledged to purchase and produce all of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2020. Micheal Eckhart, Citigroup’s head of environmental finance issued the statement at the Climate Week New York, an annual energy and climate event held to correspond with the United Nations General Meeting. Citigroup will be joining 110 […]

China’s solar appetite eats into India’s clean energy effort

Indian solar projects banking on a continuous supply of ever-cheaper panels are now under threat as China’s appetite props up prices. The global spot market price for solar panels in the second quarter fell at the slowest pace since the three months ended in December 2015, according to data compiled by PVinsights. While the decline […]

Off-grid solar energy seen transforming businesses in Nigeria

Off-grid solar energy investments have been identified as panacea to the constraints in accessing power by Nigeria’s small and medium enterprises. Yuri Tsitrinbaum, Lumos Nigeria CEO, believes the availability of solar solutions will play an essential role in efforts to bridge the nation’s electricity supply gap. He says that businesses without access to the grid […]