Last week I mentioned that I do all my valuations myself. I want to use this piece to share my experience in valuation which I

I started a series on the steps to take when you want to invest in a microfinance bank before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Now

Early this year 2020, I came up with a few predictions for the microfinance industry. The predictions were premised on factors pre

By Adolphus Abraham   It seems to me that the recapitalisation fever for microfinance banks is gradually reaching a crescendo

By Adolphus Abraham   My experience in microfinancing has been very interesting. At times my training in commercial banking

By Adolphus Abraham   My previous editions on this column has addressed the notion that potential investors usually have when it

By Adolphus Abraham   Going by the comments, responses and questions I have received since I disclosed my email validates my

By Adolphus Abraham   By popular demand, I had broken down my piece on Microfinance outlook for the decade into two parts. The

By Adolphus Abraham   This episode is the concluding part of the issue on permissible business that microfinance banks can engage

By Adolphus Abraham     Last week we commenced a series that focuses on the nature of business MfBs are allowed or not