Adolphus-Abraham is an experienced Executive Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Risk Management, Analytical Skills, and Banking. He is a strong business development professional.

I was in a gathering during the week where we were to discuss the future of microfinance banks from an investor point of view and

I have received several calls in the recent past from people calling to say they have saved N20 million and they would like to float

During the year, the CBN released an exposure draft of a new guideline for the supervision of microfinance banks in Nigeria. The CBN

Last week I started the series on how to obtain a microfinance bank licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria. I attempted to simplify

It seems to me that the recapitalisation fever for microfinance banks is gradually reaching a crescendo following the extension of the

With the outbreak of Covid 19, everything has changed and in an attempt to prevent further spread, there have been several protocols

Due Diligence is a form of investigation or review that you need to perform to confirm the authenticity of the records and information

A few years ago, I was to embark on a business venture in an industry that the regulators had called for recapitalization and like the

I have received more comments on my valuation piece than any of my previous articles. Of interest is the fact that many people sought

Going by the comments, responses and questions I have received since I disclosed my email validates my decision to introduce this