Parents, beware the dangers of e-learning platforms in Nigeria

E-learning revolutionised the way teaching and learning is done. It depends on computer-based technologies—laptops, the internet, etc for execution. Yet, these technologies come with risks. Nigerina schools rarely put these risks into consideration before creating their online platforms. They have not researched properly to discover best practices for e-learning especially when teaching students between the […]

Rebooting grc for covid-19 pandemic: The road less travelled

There is a popular Ghanaian proverb that says: when the sea dries up, the sun should share in its shame’’. And ‘’an animal that eats thorns must know how to digest them in its stomach’’. Clearly, we all were caught pants down by Covid-19 so there is no need for finger-pointing! Many businesses shy away […]

Defining MfB Customer post Pandemic?

With the outbreak of Covid 19, everything has changed and in an attempt to prevent further spread, there have been several protocols for individuals, families and organisations. Currently, there is the prevention strategy of social distancing, constant washing of hands to maintain a high level of hygiene, the use of face mask and a stay […]

Privacy matters in a pandemic?

I attended a webinar organised by some American privacy professionals. We discussed how various governments approach privacy presently. One question stood out: “Does individuals’ privacy matter in a pandemic?” When Barack Obama was US president, his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste: it’s an opportunity to do […]

covid-19 as driver of digital optimisation and grc maximization

Covid-19 has brought the world to its knees crushing businesses and economies globally. This is a tragedy of truly larger-than-life proportions which has brought the dependency on our mobile devices for all types of services: grocery shopping, medical services, entertainment services and basic human interactions- into very shrill focus and hysteria. The luckless ‘new’ reality […]