Smallholder farmers need digital marketplaces to curb post-harvest losses- Diana Tenebe, COO, Foodstuff Store 

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, digital marketing has emerged as a game-changing force, harnessing the might of internet technology and a multitude of digital platforms to propel products and services into the limelight. One area where this transformative tool holds immense potential is Nigeria’s agricultural sector, where it can breathe new life into […]

6 Ways Agritech can Revolutionise Grocery Aisles

By Diana Tenebe, Chief Operating Officer, FoodStuff Store Forget grocery drudgery. Imagine vibrant shelves overflowing with fresh produce, thanks to a digital revolution on the farm. Agritech tackles food waste, not directly on store shelves, but throughout the food journey. Globally, food waste is a staggering 1.6 billion tonnes, with a significant portion lost in […]

Lessons for crowdfunding platforms in Nigeria’s emerging agro-financing landscape

Agriculture in today’s world has transformed beyond the traditional production of food for human consumption and animal feeds into a global financial stronghold and economic reserve. Understandably, to harness the challenges of sustaining a growing world economy and overcome the problems of food production, climate volatility, modernised policies and urbanisation trends, the agriculture sector has […]