BY ISAAC AIDOO, in ACCRA, GHANA    Managers of Ghana’s economy have admitted the country does not have enough foreign exchange

BY Business A.M. DKK Partners, an emerging markets foreign exchange liquidity provider, is set to roll off its planned major expansion

By Our Reporter A cascade of ominous clouds pointing to an economic downturn is gradually taking centre stage across the globe amidst

MARCEL OKEKE The title of this piece retooled from something similar in one of Nigeria’s national newspapers the other day, and it

BY CHARLES ABUEDE The performance of the private sector in Nigeria continues be attacked by the triple impacts of rising inflation

BY CHARLES ABUEBE The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), along with other central banks across sub-Saharan Africa, should consider foreign

Policy shows bank is shifting to flexible exchange rate management   Charles Abuede   Nigeria is now gradually and tenderly

By Omobayo Azeez Indications are rife that by the end of this year, Naira, Nigeria’s local currency will be further devalued to

The Central Bank of Nigeria on Wednesday intensified its surveillance of the foreign exchange market, warning speculators, smugglers

Ecobank’s African markets website has gone live Monday to provide key facts for businesses and investors on the economies of