By Onome Amuge   Cocoa futures maintained an upward movement on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) as a supply deficit in the

Kenneth Afor Palm oil futures on Tuesday took a nosedive after two days of bullish trading in the Malaysian market as rival oils in

Acceleration in US gross domestic product growth could add $5.87 trillion to global market capitalization in 10 years, if more women

Though the bouts of volatility in early February and late March that spooked investors were confined to equity markets, authors of an

World stocks traded flat Thursday as worries over global trade tensions weighed, while the U.S. dollar consolidated recent bumper

Though the current economic environment remains favourable, short-term risks to global financial stability have increased in the past

Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller believes a strong earnings season may not be adequate to keep stocks out of the red, and

OLX, one of world’s leading trading platform, is launching a brand new, overhauled app and replacing its web and mobile site

Australian-based analysis group, Green Pool, has indicated fears of further weakness ahead for sugar prices, lifting its forecast for

By Temitayo Ayetoto Corn prices made a slow start in early trading today rising 0.13% to $385.50. The commodity which has remained