India has emerged the third largest power producer in the world with a total generation of 1,423 TWh (terawatt-hour) in the year 2016,

Rising crude oil prices would expand the need for working capital and raise energy cost for Indian Oil Corporation, the nation’s

The surging Indian economy will overtake the UK and France during the course of 2018 to become the fifth largest in the world,

Arun Jaitley, India’s finance minister Tuesday said the country’s economy has seen fastest growth for over past three

India’s government is considering a plan to loosen its fiscal deficit target to enable it to spend up to 500 billion rupees ($7.7

Describing Indian economy to be in a period of “dense fog”, Credit Suisse Wednesday said structural reforms including GST

Every car sold in India from 2030 will be electric, under new government plans that have delighted environmentalists and dismayed the