Knowledge@Wharton: Why has the importance of good communication skills come into such sharp focus in the last few years? Carmine

When I started Virgin Records we didn’t have a big budget to spend on PR so we had to think creatively to build our brand and raise

For millions of people, the biggest barrier to starting a business isn’t access to resources, support or mentoring. It’s simply

Richard Branson, billionaire business magnate, investor and founder of the Virgin Group, is bullish about Nigeria’s alternative energy

Meat grown from animal cells in a laboratory could be on our dinner plates before the end of the decade, as one pioneering startup has

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson started his airline Virgin Atlantic in 1984 when his flight from Puerto Rico to the Virgin

Today, Richard Branson’s Virgin Group controls over 400 companies worldwide. An iconic entrepreneur, Branson is an inspirational