In continuation of its commitment to continuously create innovative platforms for a positive experience, Nigeria’s telecommunications

Is there something unusual about the pace and nature of technological change today? Should we be more worried about the world

Europe’s justice commissioner told Facebook, Twitter, and Google on Thursday to do more to bring their user terms in line with EU law,

Twitter now has a bigger market cap than Snapchat maker Snap after posting a thoroughly interesting earnings beat for its fourth

Apple Inc. investors on Tuesday shrugged off concerns raised by two shareholders about kids getting hooked on iPhones, saying that for

Germany’s top antitrust enforcer is going after Facebook with a new interpretation of competition law, saying the way it harvests user

57 percent of world’s active mobile money accounts are domiciled in Africa in 2016, according to analysts at Ecobank Research in

Snapchat faced a worldwide outage for at least four hours Monday, prompting a flood of complaints on rival mobile application Twitter

A report from the World Economic Forum said Monday that United States tech firms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. should be more

Twitter said Thursday it would no longer accept ads from Russia Today or Sputnik, two news outlets. US officials consider Russian