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CONTRADICTIONS AND CONTRASTS marked major events drawing attention on Africa in this month of September. Within four days, two

SEPTEMBER 11 has become a date of global relevance, based on two significant events that took place in the Americas – one in South

WESTERN EUROPE now has every reason to feel apprehensive about the recent wave of coups in Africa. In particular, there has not been a

THE UNITED NATIONS General Assembly for the year 2023 commences in a fortnight. The global gathering tagged UNGA 78, an event which

MULTILATERAL COOPERATION got another boost last Wednesday at the end of the 15th BRICS Summit in South Africa. Described as

LAST WEEKEND MARKED the fifth anniversary of the passing away of Kofi Atta Annan, a Ghanaian diplomat, who served as the seventh

SUBLIME DESCRIPTION of democracy can sometimes be misleading. Those countries purporting to export democracy all over the world have

DIPLOMATIC SHUTTLES BY Emmanuel Macron since he became the president of France in 2017 to countries with historical ties must have

The military takeover of government in Niger in the past one week has re-ignited the smouldering fire of foreign relations and is now

RUSSIA HAS ONCE AGAIN convened a summit with Africa last week. The summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and African leaders