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GOLD WILL CONTINUE TO be relevant in the global monetary system irrespective of whatever transformation takes place in the future.

Borrowing this title from the legendary Thomas Hardy’s novel here is not intended to justify the action of those who think

GOLD COAST WAS THE name by which a former British colony in West Africa was known from 1821 till March 4, 1957 when its name was

SUDAN HAS BEEN BETRAYED and abandoned by its leaders within, at the continental level in Africa and the wider world. Children and

NEWS, STORIES AND REPORTS of internal feuds have rocked major countries on the eastern flank of Africa for nearly four years like in a

BERLIN’S NOTORIETY FOR building walls predated the 155-kilometre-long wall, the construction of which started from August 13 and

ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL, after all, and South Africa’s politics is typical. In a country where the new high road to power is the street

THE SEA CHANGE SWEEPING ACROSS the Sahel has just reached the northern tip of the Western coast of West Africa. This time, it

  EMERGING PRACTICAL evidence in both historical and contemporary contexts in Africa are now providing a strong basis to

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