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The events, products and practices that would shape the future are already becoming evident. Many are with us already. The age of

On the New Year day, Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in as the President of Brazil after he has won a popular acclaim through his victory at

History was made when African leaders met in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, in 2009 to try to resolve the youth unemployment

When the ‘Brexiteers’  in the United Kingdom vigorously campaigned, argued and voted to leave the European Union (EU) recently, little

For nearly a year, various Afro-centric issues have been raised weekly on this medium by this author. Essentially, the attention drawn

THE CONTINENT of Africa is vast. In land mass it occupies a land area that is about four times the size of the United States,

Much has been hyped about Africa’s pride of place in agricultural potential. Some solace has also been found in the significant

SUBTLE and insidious changes are occurring in Africa. Some make headlines while others don’t. The magnitude of the changes and their

GLOBALISATION will position Africa at a disadvantage unless the continent urgently finds innovative ways to solve lingering problems

MUCH DEPENDS on individual African countries in their response to issues in sustainable livelihoods. In majority of cases, the subject