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GLOBALISATION IS A CENTRAL ISSUE of current and continual relevance to every country, region or continent because of its various

CHINESE PRESIDENT, XI JINPING, has just secured a mandate that will enable him go for a third term as the helmsman of China next year.

TRUTH IS EASILY THE FIRST VICTIM in war as in politics. In Ethiopia right now, both war and politics have been dangerously enmeshed

DICHOTOMY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST climate change is not difficult to find when the global north is juxtaposed with the global south. Even

CONTRADICTIONS, CRACKDOWNS, COERCION, COVID-19 and CORRUPTIONS are steadily becoming the defining features of China. Some incurable

DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN described as a participatory system of government, involving the whole population or all the eligible members of a

GRADUALLY, STEADILY AND IMPERCEPTIBLY, various countries of Africa are entering a new phase. They are losing the various forces of

SOCIAL SAFETY NETS have been much hyped in global development discourse and conversations. In Africa, pockets of interventions by

COVID-19, CLIMATE CHANGE, COUP D’ETAT and continental financing gained prominence among the diverse concerns raised while the various

CONTRADICTIONS CAN BEST DESCRIBE the Africa story today. One the one hand, there is much talk about prevalent poverty, and on one hand