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SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA is indeed a troubled zone. Terrorist incursions within the regions of Africa have become a continent-wide crisis

TERRORISM AND TERRORISTS have become a global phenomenon. Despite the widespread disapproval of their existence and activities, they

Monthly Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Brief for East Africa (Kenya & Somalia) Shabaab Al-Mujahideen in Period of February 1st –

FAILED STATES IN AFRICA are now the breeding grounds for agents of destabilisation and instability at national and regional levels.

VIRUNGA VOLCANIC REGION spans across the borders of three countries. These are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, is clearly now at his wit’s end. His gestures in the past few days were not those of someone who

GLOBALISATION IN THE African context has only changed in form and norm but not structurally since the legendary “discovery” of the

  LEADERS REPRESENTING 44 European countries gathered at the weekend in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, for a symbolic summit

  HOW POLICY, DEVELOPMENT AND humanitarian tasks are carried out in various countries of Africa remain intriguing and astounding.

MALDIVES, A SMALL ISLAND STATE in South Asia with a population of well over half a million people, is at risk. The country, spread