Oyeleye, a policy analyst, journalist and veterinarian.

  ASSUMPTIONS, CLAIMS AND ASSERTIONS about Africa being a continent that holds the hope for the global food security of the

MARRIAGES HURRIEDLY CONTRACTED are prone to some existential dangers, complications and dilemmas: to walk away from marriages of

WITH THE COMING of the year 2020, the governance of Nigeria needs to be done differently. Bold initiatives are expected to be taken

NIGERIA has come of age. Turning 60 years post-independence, with 20 years of unbroken democratic rule, the country has come a long

AWARENESS ABOUT LAKES and their relevance in Africa has not yet adequately captured the attention of those who should know,

GREAT LAKES ACROSS AFRICA are in great dangers. They are highly vulnerable to many factors. The factors putting these lakes in the

SLOGANS, MANTRA, HASTAGS and catchphrases are not in short supplies in international assemblies where serious global issues are major

  FRANCE IS PROBABLY the country with the longest history of riots, public protests and civil disobedience. The country, reputed

FOR AFRICA TO EXPERIENCE real positive change and to make desirable progress, much needs to be learnt from Rwanda, and more from

GIVING UP ON AFRICA is the most inappropriate thing to do now. This is because the prospects of a better, richer, stable and