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VOYAGE IN UNCHARTED WATERS comes with peculiar risks, mostly unknown to the seafarers. Although seafaring has been made easier, and

CONVERGENCE OF AFRICAN countries on trade and the success recorded over time will serve as a litmus test for the continent’s resolve

HISTORIC DAY OF January 1, 2021, must have been a special and memorable one for Africa. Unlike other such days of previous years, this

THERE IS NO ARGUMENT about the fact that the decade beginning from 2020 is a decade of Coronavirus. The year 2020 alone has seen a

ONE MAJOR RECURRING COMPONENT in the risk analysis on Africa is leadership. Despite its centrality, it remains an unsolved problem for

AFRICA CONTINUES TO SHOW PROMISES of becoming an attractive and distinctive continent for the world in years ahead. In addition to its

ANXIETIES, FEARS AND uncertainties prevalent at the peak of COVID-19 restrictions all over the world are gradually subsiding as many

AS THE WORLD ANXIOUSLY waits to put the COVID-19 experience of 2020 behind, the coming year 2021 may or may not be an extension of the

THE YEAR 2020 will be remembered as such a remarkable year and will remain so in the history of the world as the year that marked a

WITHOUT THE BENEFITS of historical hindsight, younger generation of observers witnessing the controversies trailing the US election