By Onome Amuge Aluminium prices ended the week almost five percent lower as concerns over rapid U.S. interest rate rises dampened the

BY ONOME AMUGE Copper plunged to its biggest weekly fall in a year, as investors worried over prospects of a recession driven by

BY ONOME AMUGE Copper and aluminium prices moved in an upward direction on Friday, but the industrial metals suffered weekly declines

BY ONOME AMUGE Aluminium prices fell to four-month lows and further fuelled demand concerns following a slowdown in manufacturing

BY ONOME AMUGE Aluminium prices traded higher on worries about supply of the energy-intensive metal after Russia’s Gazprom, one of the

BY ONOME AMUGE Abumet Nigeria Limited, a full-service aluminium and glass solutions provider and a member of the Julius Berger Plc

BY ONOME AMUGE Copper and aluminium traded higher at the closing sessions of the week, underpinned by tight supply concerns and

BY ONOME AMUGE Aluminium traded higher at the close of trading activities after peace talks between Russia and Ukraine failed to

BY: ONOME AMUGE Aluminium rose at the closing session of the week’s trade, but stumbled 10 percent for the week over heightened market

BY: ONOME AMUGE Aluminium prices roared to an all-time high on Thursday as the lightweight metal maintained its bullish trend,