By Onome Amuge. The Nigerian government recently declared a state of emergency on food insecurity in an effort to tackle food

Business A.M President Bola Tinubu has appointed 14 new chief executive officers of a number of agencies and parastatals under the

By Saby Elemba in Owerri. Recently, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) announced plans to delist about 100 business registered

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has threatened  to delete 100,000 registered companies from its database for failing to file an

The Corporate Affairs Commission has told business owners and prospective ones alike not to come to its offices in Abuja and Lagos for

The Corporate Affairs Commission will henceforth issue certificates of incorporation of companies registered under Part A of the

The Corporate Affairs Commission has announced a three day extension of the 50 percent reduction in the registration fee for business

Association began life in CAC as family business Opaque multiple certificates, PhD from non-existing university Bill drafted to

The Corporate Affairs Commission appears to have suddenly woken up. For many years it was a nightmare, as a public institution, to

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Thursday resumed official business activities as its staff union called off the weeklong