Facebook Inc., the social media giant, has requested large U.S. banks to share comprehensive financial information about their

Currency traders are on the watch for UK growth data release due this week in the hope that evidence of a strong economy will help

By Remilekun Davies…  Nigeria sold a record $4.8 billion of Eurobonds last year, most recently in November, when it issued $3

Global banks raised concerns on Saturday over a provision in the U.S. Senate tax bill aimed at cracking down on tax avoidance by

Those in the oil market fearing a flood of OPEC supply next year will probably be better off preparing for a shortage, according to

Vikram Pandit, who ran Citigroup Inc. during the financial crisis, said developments in technology could see some 30 percent of

Bob Diamond, the architect of Barclays Plc’s investment bank over more than a decade in London, said the British capital will be hurt

The past month’s plunge in oil prices has turned the market for hedging upside down. Oil producers have scaled back locking in future

Citigroup Inc. doesn’t think its richer customers will drop their high-priced money managers in favor of automated investing, but