By Onome Amuge   Global production of cocoa  is estimated to have dropped by 8.0 per cent to 4.823 million tonnes as output

By Onome Amuge  Fairtrade International  has updated its cocoa standard with a €450,000 of  internal funding aimed at reinforcing

By Onome Amuge   The cocoa market has been plunged into challenges of uncertain supply and demand following reports of flash

BY Onome Amuge. The global cocoa market slipped on both sides of the Atlantic in June with prices of the nearby cocoa futures contract

BY ONOME AMUGE   Arabica coffee futures gained for a third consecutive session on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), rising to

BY ONOME AMUGE The month of May was marked by inflation spikes across the European Union as monthly inflation rates rose 8.1 percent,

BY ONOME AMUGE Raw sugar futures were slightly lower on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) as dealers awaited a recovery in

BY ONOME AMUGE The Cocoa and Plantain Farmers Association of Nigeria (CPFAN) has announced plans to establish three mega processing

BY ONOME AMUGE Cocoa futures moved into bullish territory in the last trading week of April as futures prices rebounded from the

BY ONOME AMUGE Cocoa is a perennial tree crop that primarily grows in tropical regions, particularly Southeast Asia, Latin America,