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Onome Amuge Nigerian cocoa farmers and stakeholders involved in the export of the commodity are  in a worrisome state following the

Onome Amuge The world’s largest cocoa producers, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana are seeking to dampen the economic blow of the pandemic on

Onome Amuge Farmers, stakeholders on production plunge Nigeria’s leading agricultural export and cash crop, cocoa, has suffered a

…as dearth of storage, processing facilities hamper growth The Nigeran Export Promotion Council (NEPC), the leading Federal Government

Cocoa farmers in Nigeria tasked the Federal government on the need to establish irrigation across cluster cocoa farms in the country.

By Kenneth Afor In a conscious effort to boost the nation’s agriculture sector and to make the federal government’s school feeding

The world’s two biggest cocoa producers are taking unprecedented steps to exert more control on the market in a bid to help farmers.

Ivory Coast’s cocoa regulator said it will seek to maintain output of the beans at current levels even as the country and neighboring

Ivory Coast’s Cocoa Coffee Council (CCC) has decided to auction all of its cocoa production to exporters in advance in order to set a