By Onome Amuge   Gold lost its bullish direction as prices of the precious metal stumbled from a near seven-month peak, pressured

  By Onome Amuge   Metals iO, a diverse and inclusive global mining company headquartered in New York City, United States,

By Onome Amuge Gold plunged to its biggest weekly decline since mid-November despite a recovery at the closing session of the week,

By Onome Amuge Gold futures soared to four consecutive sessions to end the week moderately higher, supported by a weakened dollar.

By Onome Amuge Gold grew firmer, en route to a weekly gain, buoyed by the dollar’s retreat on a perceived dovish tilt in the US

By Onome Amuge Gold rose towards its best weekly performance in 30 months, buoyed by a drop in US inflation data which triggered

By Onome Amuge. Gold recorded its best performance in five months as the U.S. economy technically entered into a recession following a

BY ONOME AMUGE   Gold took a further beating, falling deeper into bearish territory to hit seven-month lows after the government

BY ONOME AMUGE   Gold recorded an upward swing in the closing session of the week as the dollar lost its bullish direction,

BY ONOME AMUGE Gold retreated into bearish territory at the close of the week as the dollar rose 0.3 percent amid a robust U.S. jobs