The National Cooperative Financing Agency of Nigeria (CFAN) Sunday in Abuja entered into a partnership with Smarter Grid International

Italian multinational oil and gas company Eni said Tuesday it has signed a series of agreements with Algerian state hydrocarbon

In its latest efforts to increase access to renewables and reduce dependence on oil, Saudi Arabia has drawn up plans to build the

M-KOPA Solar, Kenyan pay-as-you-go solar energy provider has secured a new round of funding that will be used to extend their product

Miriam Tuerk is co-founder & CEO, Clear Blue Technologies Inc., a Canadian-based company that develops solar and wind hybrid

PEG Africa is a pioneering pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar company focused on West Africa. Co-founder and CEO Hugh Whalan stopped by PV

Royal Dutch Shell and SoftBank are among several global groups considering bidding for Equis Energy, Asia’s largest independent

Despite America’s temporary lack of leadership on the climate crisis, there is a good chance that a prolonged catastrophe can be

Rwanda has signed a $50 million Scaling-Up Energy Renewable Program (SREP) financing agreement with World Bank in an effort to

Morocco has received approval for a $25 million loan from the Climate Investment Funds’ Clean Technology Fund (CIF CTF), according to