The British pound is trading lower on Friday after the rejection of Theresa May’s Chequers proposal by European Union leaders. This

Theresa May, British prime minister, has pledged to boost Britain’s investment in Africa after Brexit with £4 billion, which would

Britain’s finance ministry have denied a newspaper report on Tuesday that the government had asked Mark Carney, Bank of England

The British pound sank to a 7 month low on Thursday before a Bank of England monetary policy meeting where officials could indicate if

When it comes to tackling the eye-watering challenge of cross-border trade after Brexit, Theresa May has turned to an unexpected

Theresa May, British Prime Minister, will urge European Union leaders to approve an agreement to move Brexit talks on to a second

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government will collapse in 2018 and trigger a fresh general election, according to

Britain said on Thursday it was “confident” talks with the European Union would move towards discussing their future

Last time Theresa May, British Prime Minister returned from a walking holiday, she called what turned out to be — for her

Theresa’s May’s joyless campaign for a stronger hand in Brexit negotiations with the EU lies in tatters this morning after