Martin Ike-Muonso, a professor of economics with interest in subnational government IGR growth strategies, is managing director/CEO, ValueFronteira Ltd. He can be reached via email at

There are three key stakeholders in the IGR effort. They are taxpaying citizens and businesses, tax revenue managers who hold the

Rhythms of political activities re-echo politicians wooing chants suffusing the air and riveting all eyes to 2023. Welcome to another

Notwithstanding that high levels of voluntary compliance are a crucial goal of every tax administration, efficient and continuous

Trackability is the name of the game in public sector revenue generation. That is why taxpayer databases play central roles in IGR

Subnational tax administrations are always better off situating their IGR expansion efforts with sustained high levels of voluntary

State and local governments lose billions of naira every year because many taxpayers use illegal means to lower their tax obligations

Boosting automation of IGR processes undoubtedly improves taxpayer compliance and revenue growth. Digital technologies and the

In providing favourable deviations from the extant and the general operational tax policies, governments usually expect specific

Tax dispute resolution is core to effective tax administration and internally generated revenue expansion by further clarifying and

There are at least four reasons why road taxes are still justifiable in Nigeria. The most obvious is revenue generation for