BY MARTIN IKE-MUONSO  Martin Ike-Muonso, a professor of economics with interest in subnational government IGR growth strategies, is

BY MARTIN IKE-MUONSO Subnational governments’ renewed focus on IGR expansion prioritises tax administration performance

BY MARTIN IKE-MUONSO. Effective tax administration delivers expanded revenue through service delivery, accountability and elevated

Notwithstanding that high levels of voluntary compliance are a crucial goal of every tax administration, efficient and continuous

BY MARTIN IKE-MUONSO Over the centuries, human belief systems govern them through unwritten rules, beliefs and attitudes accepted

Subnational tax administrations are always better off situating their IGR expansion efforts with sustained high levels of voluntary

By Prof. Martin Ike-Muonso While most state and local governments demand urgent improvements in revenue collection from their tax

  By Prof Martin Ike-Muonso Good education broadens our perspectives and helps answer some daunting and challenging questions.

By Martin Ike-Muonso   Education is highly reputed to deliver prosperity. That appears to be the number one reason why most

The Brookings institution appears to have successfully woken up the president, Muhammad Buhari from his deep slumber. The institution