By Martin Ike-Muonso   Official statistics from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, the Central bank of Nigeria, small and

By Martin Ike-Muonso   The enormity of the youth problem in Africa has ostensibly attracted a large number of supposed solution

By Martin Ike-Muonso   The scale of intense commercial activity in Nnewi – a community comprising three local government

By Martin Ike-Muonso   It is usually a thing of pride when we boast about our abundant natural resources, our youthful population

By Martin Ike-Muonso   The concept of ‘sharing’ is very well known to most Nigerians. Recall the appeal by the wife of President

By Martin Ike-Muonso   Nigeria’s economic structure appears carefully patterned with enviable spatial interlinkages between the

By Martin Ike-Muonso   We are all looking for new opportunities for improving the quality of our lives. The spheres for these

By Prof. Martin Ike-Muonso   Human efforts and activities avail little if any at all when they do not lead to significant levels

By Martin Ike-Muonso   For several centuries, blacksmiths, various occupations and trades depended on the classical internship

By Martin Ike-Muonso   In 2018, Nigeria ranked 129th out of 149 countries in the legartum prosperity index. It also ranked the