Nigeria’s energy gap is 180 megawatts – Operator

On the sidelines at the Future Energy Nigeria event, Ujunwa Ojemeni, senior investment associate at All-On Nigeria, an impact investor in Nigerian energy companies spoke to business a.m. on the investment deficit in the Nigerian clean energy space and how the company’s presence is drawing other institutions in the industry. she also talked about the […]

Soil-less farming can fix Nigeria’s agricultural demand-supply gap

Nigeria has always had as one of its major goals, the attainment of self-sufficiency in food production. Government knows that it is imperative to meet local demand for agricultural produce, contain unnecessary capital flights on importation, create jobs and give hard-working Nigerian farmers good return on their efforts. But SAMSON OGBOLE, co-founder, Nutraceutical International Limited, […]

Fintechs are drivers of growth, innovation in financial services, not disruptors to traditional banking


Aminu Bakori, CEO and founder of Payant, a Kaduna-based invoice and payment software startup, spoke to business a.m. on the role of fintech in Nigeria’s financial services industry, the need for collaboration between traditional service providers and the new entrants, and other issues. Justice Godfrey Okamgba, brings the excerpts:    What’s your view of the fintech industry in Nigeria? Are we making […]