By Onome Amuge Insects have been found to provide a variety of functions and benefits to humans, ranging from agriculture to medicine,

FAN NDUBUOKE, a veteran journalist who has veered into entrepreneurship, is the chairman and chief executive officer, Mr Fans Group.

Kenneth Afor Carbon, a leading FinTech firm in Africa has introduced Disrupt Fund with a $100,000 grant to enable young technology

Kenneth Afor An entrepreneur has asked governments at all levels and the financial institutions in Nigeria to implement stable

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Matthew Lee, Assistant Professor of Strategy, INSEAD; Tommaso Ramus, Assistant Professor, Católica Lisbon School of

China may have a reputation for low wages and sprawling factories. But in a sign of changing times, one startup founder has embraced a

Maybe Travis Kalanick and Steve Jobs were onto something. There are more entrepreneurs in countries where ruthless business traits are

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson started his airline Virgin Atlantic in 1984 when his flight from Puerto Rico to the Virgin

The one thing that will set you apart from the rest. A startup CEO wears a lot of hats. In fact, I shared 10 of them here. There are a

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, 26-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur wants Silicon Valley to fund a future where Africa is included. Aboyeji is the