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I had a good laugh at myself recently, I was going through old documents that I used to apply for a visa 10 years ago and stumbled on

After a couple of weeks’ interruption, we shall continue with our discussions on the six principles of insurance today. In those

The rains are here, so are the storms, floods, etc. Even fire, which you do not expect to be rampart during rainy season, has occurred

During the peak hours of last Thursday’s evening, a 33, 000-litre tanker, laden with PMS (petrol), exploded on Otedola Bridge along

On Sunday, June 17, a fire outbreak consumed about 700 shops in Azare market in Katagun Local Government Area in Bauchi State. Goods

If you have ever watched the television series, Crime and Investigation, you would have seen episodes where a spouse took out life

When this column started, I explained that insurance is built on six principles: indemnity, insurable interest, proximate cause,

FOUR WEEKS AGO, we looked at the steps to follow in the event of an incident leading to a claim. Today, we are going to look at a

Fidelity Guarantee insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect the policyholder against the loss of money or property

On a daily basis, at least one articulated vehicle carrying goods veers off the road, overturns, falls off the road, catches fire or