BY OLUKAYODE OYELEYE ENVISAGING AN AFRICA that is a force to reckon with and taken more seriously by advanced nations of the world

BY KAYODE OYELEYE TO KILAJOLU is the name tag boldly written on her uniform. She was standing in front of the Rainoil filling station

BY: OLUKAYODE OYELEYE HISTORY WILL BE a good guide and a pointer to the future prospects of a common language in Africa. Since the

BY OLUKAYODE OYELEYE AFRICA’S QUEST FOR a common language is good and desirable. But, would it be appropriate to say it is easier said

BY: Olukayode Oyeleye INTEGRATION AMONG COUNTRIES IN AFRICA will greatly help in unlocking the continent’s potential as signs have

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By Olukayode Oyeleye   LAST WEDNESDAY WAS an emotional day in Tanzania as the late President John Magufuli’s remains got rousing

By Olukayode  Oyeleye   Hope was rekindled about Nigeria’s urban transformation as the plight of an urban community in

GOAL NUMBER 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lays strong emphasis on peace, justice and strong institutions. But these

The unveiling of Nelson Mandela’s statue on Monday at the United Nations headquarters in New York was historic. Coming as part of the